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Hosted by Letizia Alto, M.D.
and Kenji Asakura, M.D.

Accelerating Wealth: The Short-Term Rental Blueprint

Unlock significant cashflow and tax savings with short-term vacation rentals,
in any economy

In a time of economic fear and inflated interest rates, our experience and proven strategies set Accelerating Wealth apart.

Learn how to add top-performing short-term rentals to your investment portfolio while mitigating risk - for lasting success.

Ready to build YOUR wealth with short-term rentals?

as seen in

Beyond the stock market, our approach helps you diversify your portfolio to accelerate your financial impact.

Here you are as a doctor or high-income earner, working insane hours, on call all the time, missing out on your kids’ childhood… all while trying to ignore the dark cloud of the next big economic downturn. It wasn’t supposed to be like this.

We're here to tell you, there is another way.

It's time to create an additional, reliable source of income for you and your family.

One that doesn’t require you to work more clinical hours—and puts you in control of your earning potential. Does such a thing really exist?

It does.


investing in
short-term rentals.

Doctors and other high-income earners are taking back control…

...all to achieve financial freedom without working a single EXTRA hour at their day jobs... all in a matter of years, not decades.

In fact, it’s possible to make

$100,000 in your first year

of investing in short-term rentals.

It’s possible for you to make in excess of $100,000 in your first year of investing in cashflowing rentals


We’ve run the numbers. We’ve done it ourselves.

And we’ve watched many of our students achieve those 6-figure goals.

So, we know it's fully feasible for a doctor or high-income earner like you to make $100,000 in your very first year of investing in income-producing vacation rentals (if you do it right).

No matter how you slice it, the returns you get through stock market investments don't even come close - even when the market is on the upswing, which it’s decidedly not. And, even worse, the stock market takes decades to give you results in even the best of times.

Do you really want to wait 20 to 30 years to be able to enjoy your life?

We don’t think anyone should have to wait that long to get financially free.

As Warren Buffet once famously said,

"If you don't find a way
to make money while you sleep
you will work until you die."

Short-Term Rentals work for you, bringing in income, even while you sleep.

Imagine what having six-figures of extra income coming in each year from your rental properties would do for your life.

What would you do differently?

What's unique about Accelerating Wealth? We offer a proven short-term rental strategy with unparalleled risk mitigation. You'll learn how to succeed in any market and chart your course to financial freedom.

Accelerating Wealth is a course for doctors and high-income earners that lays out our proven system for profitably investing in short-term rentals in any economy. Learn to distinguish between properties that are assets versus those that ultimately prove to be liabilities. Master the skill of buying the right property, and then learn how to maximize your short-term rental profits.

Why add short-term rentals to your portfolio? In a nutshell – great returns and the ability to shelter even your professional W2 income or 1099 income from taxes.

So what do I get from enrolling in

Accelerating Wealth?

Accelerating Wealth is a meticulously-designed course for doctors and high-income earners who want a proven, step-by-step blueprint for profitably investing in short-term rentals.

Don’t rely on:

✘ piecing together unproven and unverified STR strategies from the internet
✘ guesswork and risky costly mistakes
✘ luck or crossing your fingers for success
✘ investing recklessly without mitigating risk
✘ advice from your old college buddy who owns one vacation rental

Instead, choose a path paved with expertise, resources and structured for your success.



Learn How to
Analyze a Deal

Sure, that beachside bungalow or mountain cabin looks beautiful….but will it make money? You’ll learn how to discern between a visually appealing property and a profitable investment. If it doesn’t pass—then it’s a “Don’t Buy.”

Harvest Tax Savings*

There’s the potential to shelter your rental income and some or all of your clinical income using vacation rentals. We dive deep into these strategies, setting you up to maximize your savings.

Maximize Cashflow

Learn how to make the smart upgrades that will increase cashflow and lead to a higher sales price down the road, all while mitigating risk, so that you can do well no matter what the economy is doing.

Automate Your
Brand-New STR!

Renting out your vacation rental doesn’t have to take up hours of your time. With the right mix of apps, services, tech, and tools, you can create a high-touch experience for your guests that’s actually less work for you.


"$400,000+ in tax deductions"

“Our first STR has so far grossed $110,000 each year and $187,000 in tax deductions. Our second STR has grossed $140,000 in a year and $220,000 in tax deductions. We’ve gone on to buy four additional STRs with even better returns.”

Dr. Christina and Mike T.

"We made as much income as my husband grosses monthly as a vascular surgeon"

“We’ve calculated a return of over 25% on all three of our STRs. In one month we made as much income as my husband grosses monthly as a vascular surgeon. That doesn’t include the tax benefits. We’re excited to continue growing our real estate portfolio!”

Isabel and Dr. Carlos P.

What sets Accelerating Wealth apart from other courses?

Leti and Kenji created Accelerating Wealth, drawing from their 30+ years of combined experience in rental property investments, and enriched it with insights from a diverse group of short-term rental owners across multiple markets. This course distinctively focuses on mitigating risk and securing excellent deals in any market, maximizing property income, effective tax-saving strategies, and automation tailored for busy clinicians. Accelerating Wealth sets itself apart, offering a pathway to rapid growth through lessons learned directly from experienced professionals.

Our students who put this real estate investing strategy to work for them have been able to do things like:

We love watching our students free themselves to live lives they love. And with your permission, we’d love to help you do the same thing.

The Accelerating
Wealth Curriculum



Laying a Strong Foundation for Success

Every business must be built on a strong foundation—and your STR business is no different.

You’ll learn:



Buy Your Ideal Property

Now it’s time to start thinking about buying your ideal STR.

You’ll discover:



Setting Up Your Property for Success

This module will walk you through the nuts and bolts of what you need to do so you can get those coveted 5-star reviews after you’ve bought your first property.

You’ll learn:



Building a Profitable STR Business

We have bad news and good news. The bad news: profit from your vacation rental is not guaranteed. The good news? Most of this is under your control! The secret? Setting up your STR business the right way.

You’ll learn:



Accelerating Your Wealth with Short-term rental

Why settle for profit when you can create and accelerate your wealth? (See what we did there?)

You’ll discover:

Inside Accelerating Wealth,
You’ll Also Discover:


Introduction orientation session led by Kirsten, our Chief Experience Officer (CXO)

Kickoff your short-term rental adventure with Kirsten.


Lifetime access to video training modules

Go at your own pace. Go back and review them whenever you want.


Worksheets, printables, and interactive calculators

To help support your learning.


Access to all future course upgrades

And additions. We upgrade the course regularly and it keeps getting better and better.


Short-Term Rental agent network

Lifetime access to our STR agent network.


Referral Partner Network

Lifetime access to our referral partner network.

accelerating wealth
risk free money back guarantee

We want you to feel confident about your real estate journey. That’s why we offer a zero-risk money-back guarantee for the first seven (7) days of the course. If you purchase Accelerating Wealth and it isn’t what you expected, just send us an email at support@semiretiredmd.com within seven (7) days of registration, and we’ll refund your entire payment for this course.

Who are Leti & Kenji?

We are the founders
of Semi-Retired MD

And we started our real estate journey together back in 2015.

As newlyweds who’d met while working at Swedish Hospital in Seattle, we had done everything we were supposed to do:

And we liked the rewarding work we did as hospitalists.

But our schedules were so packed that we had to plan date nights a full month in advance.

So when we managed to scrape together the PTO for a trip to New Zealand, we thought it was just a well-deserved break.

As we holed up in our camper van, thousands of miles from the hubbub of the hospital, we started to dream about a different future for ourselves.

One where our lives weren’t built solely around the demands of our hospital jobs. Where we could spend more time with each other and our (future) children. Where we didn’t have to put off our life goals until we hit age 65.

We started researching financial independence and set an audacious goal for ourselves:

replace both our clinical incomes within 7 years.

After exploring our options, we decided to invest in income-producing rentals.

We started small with duplexes and a fourplex…and within 3 years, we had achieved financial independence, thanks to tax-free cashflow, debt pay down, market and forced appreciation, and tax savings.

These days, we have over 150 income-producing long- and short-term rental units in our portfolio.

We’ve continued to buy and sell properties in multiple markets. 

Along the way, we’ve learned a LOT about buying, rehabbing, and managing rental properties—no small amount of it by trial and error.

Our mission with Semi-Retired MD is to help doctors and high-income earners like you build a significant, reliable source of monthly cashflow by investing in real estate – so you can live a life you love

What students have to say about Leti & Kenji

"Down-to-earth, caring mentors"

“Leti and Kenji are down-to-earth, humble, relatable, and caring mentors who truly believe any of their students can be successful if they put the work in. They’ve carefully cultivated a community that reflects those principles, and is rapidly growing in knowledge and experience. If you want to be supported and held accountable in your journey to learn real estate investing, I recommend learning from Leti and Kenji.”

Dr. Brian K.

"Leti is the new "Rich Dad!"

“I’ve loved learning from Leti and Kenji about real estate! They have a complementary style of teaching that’s easy to understand, even if you’re a beginner like I was. It’s like learning about cashflow from Robert Kiyosaki himself. Leti is the new ‘Rich Dad!

“I found the time to invest by creating a ‘not- to-do list of activities (such as watching Real Housewives or scrolling through social media) and focusing on what really brings value to my life: my family, my clinical career, and now real estate investing.”

Dr. Weilan J.

"Achievable for doctors with families"

“Leti and Kenji’s system makes real estate investing easily achievable for doctors like me who have families and work full time. You can be a full-time physician and a part-time real estate investor, and still enjoy great returns and tax benefits.

“Leti and Kenji are outstanding, caring mentors who have the knowledge and tools to help you get started on this exciting journey!”

Dr. Patrick T.

Frequently Asked Questions

Accelerating Wealth is hosted online. When you enroll, you’ll be sent a login and password to the course. All the modules will be immediately available. So you can start right away!

There are 5 modules. Each module consists of short, pre-recorded video lessons accompanied by useful downloadable resources like worksheets and interview guides. Because the video lessons are pre-recorded, you can watch them whenever you have time.

You will have lifetime access to the modules, including all future content updates.

Do I need to take this course if I already took Zero to Freedom?

In medical school, after mastering the essentials needed to be a general practitioner, students often choose to specialize in a specific area of medicine. Similarly, Accelerating Wealth is akin to specialized training in real estate investing. This course focuses on creating additional income streams by investing in short-term rentals, delving deep into the nuances and strategies unique to this type of property investment. While the broad-based knowledge contained in our Zero to Freedom course is foundational, similar to general medical training, Accelerating Wealth takes you a step further, offering an in-depth understanding and expertise in the thriving niche of short-term rental investing.

Each module consists of several bite-sized training videos that add up to roughly 2-3 hours of content.

None of it requires a full day of work like you spend in the hospital or day job. Many of our students have continued to work full time as they build their real estate portfolios, too.

And, here’s the good news: because you have lifetime, on-demand access to the course material, you will always have time to take the course! There’s also no such thing as “falling behind” when you can go at your own pace. So if your schedule changes in the middle of taking the course…that’s no problem, because you can come back to it whenever you’re ready. You’ll also have lifetime access to our agents and referral partner lists. All of it will be waiting for you.

Leti and Kenji will be available in in our Facebook groups, Semi-Retired Doctors and Semi-Retired Professionals to answer questions if you use the hashtag #AW with your questions. Leti and Kenji and many of their alumni of Zero to Freedom and Accelerating Wealth are in there, so you will often get a variety of perspectives to help you avoid blind spots, problem-solve and maximize your STR income. 

YES! You can either take the course with your significant other, partner, spouse or by yourself. Many of our students include their partners…but just as many go solo (and achieve great things too).

No matter what, you’ll have support from the course community, which we intentionally cultivate to be kind, generous, and supportive.

If your partner will be joining you, they will share a Kajabi (course platform) login with you.

No, Accelerating Wealth is not available for CME at this time.

In this video, we offer different ways to think about each one to help “unstick” your thinking and discover new possibilities. This method of changing perspective is a learned skill and is one we cover in our courses, because it has proven so helpful in making investments more profitable.


Profitably investing in just ONE short-term rental can bring life-changing cashflow…

in the FIRST YEAR of owning it.

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