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Questions other doctors had before choosing to invest in Zero to Freedom...

Traditional investment vehicles—including real estate syndications—help you accrue wealth over a long period of time, so that you have the funds to retire comfortably when you’re 65 or so.

They’re popular in part because they don’t require a ton of work on your end. You make your investment, then sit back and wait (and wait) for the results to come in.

The downside is that you don’t have control over the outcome. For a syndication to be profitable, someone else has to do their job correctly. For stocks and index funds to pay off, the market has to perform well…and the Magic 8 Ball is saying, Outlook not so good.

On the other hand, owning cashflowing rentals yourself means that you’re going to have to do more work.

But it’s also the fastest way to develop a second income stream big enough to let you achieve financial independence in under 5 years (like we did).

Plus, a lot of the risk in real estate comes, not from the strength of the market, but from knowing what you’re doing.

We make sure you have the tools you need to make smart investment decisions, the team that can take care of the details, and a community where you can ask tough questions and get second opinions.

In the end, we’d rather bet on ourselves and put in the hard work than roll the dice on someone or something we can’t control.

When you achieve Real Estate Professional Status (REPS for short), it allows you to obtain some serious tax savings by sheltering the W-2 income you make from your medical practice.

It’s true that you need to spend at least 750 hours a year on your real estate business, and make it your primary job, to earn that status.

(If you’re too tired to do the mental math, we’ve got you: it works out to about 15 hours a week.)

Our students have taken a number of different approaches here:

  • Some work as a team with their spouse, who’s able to log most of the 750 hours (maybe they’re part-time, or a stay-at-home parent, or they already work in real estate)
  • Others gradually build their rental portfolio, then work their way up to REPS designation while dialing back the number of hours they work in the office or the hospital
  • And some invest in short-term rentals, which don’t require as many hours as REPS in order to shelter W2 income

But the good news is that you don’t have to have REPS status, have real estate be your primary focus, or even use the short-term rental loophole, to get tax benefits from owning cashflowing rentals. Inside the course, we interview multiple tax pros who will talk about ways you can save on taxes.

First of all, most real estate investing courses are aimed at people who don’t have the income or savings to qualify for loans.

That’s not the case for most doctors, so we’re able to make our first investment shortly after we start learning. Zero to Freedom is designed to walk you through that process step-by-step—even if you’re doing it in real time. Many students put in offers and even close on properties while still in the course.

We also teach you exactly how to shelter your clinical income from taxes when you invest in real estate. We may not be CPAs, but we’ve used these exact methods ourselves to legally pay $0 in taxes for over 7 years.

These strategies have helped our students save over $100K on taxes—in their first year.

And last—but definitely not least—we’ve created our content with your busy schedule in mind. We’ll show you exactly how we break tasks down into manageable “small bites,” so that you can get to work on your first purchase whenever you have a few minutes of downtime.

Recessions are bad enough, but combine it with inflation, and it’s enough to strike fear in many people’s hearts. Why wouldn’t you be scared?

The economy is slowing down. Which means fewer jobs and more unemployment.

Add to that, the pain of high inflation. Which means the money you make buys you less and less. It also means your cash in the bank is worth less and less.

If you’re close to retirement, a lifetime’s worth of savings is declining in value. The 4% rule isn’t going to cut it when the cost of living is going up.

To weather the long winter–whether it’s just inflation and a mild change in the market, or a large economic downturn–you need diversification. 

Inside Zero to Freedom, we teach you how to quickly and proactively adapt to a changing market, increase your property value (and your profit), and lower your tax bill to $0 so that you can not just survive the recession, but be the few that thrive.  

These intentional risk mitigation strategies allow you to develop significant wealth during a downturn – especially when you have the knowledge, the team in place and have a community to help you get it done.

When you secure consistent low-risk cashflow through a recession, you’re able to provide security and opportunities not just for you and your family, but also those in need.

We understand where you’re coming from.

There are plenty of negative stereotypes when it comes to landlords, fixing up properties, short-term rentals, and gentrification.

Plus, some of us carry our own negative experiences with renting along with us.

We believe that you can choose to do it differently to create a different experience for future renters.

When choosing a property, we encourage you to be thoughtful about the effect your ownership has on the surrounding community, and make decisions accordingly. Our students pride themselves on fixing up properties and giving tenants a clean, safe place to live, and we believe in taking care of our properties rather than taking advantage of people with limited options.

As you build your real estate portfolio, you’ll also learn that good tenants are worth their weight in gold, and you’ll want to do everything you can to make sure you have a positive relationship with them.

We get it—because we’ve been there.

From 2015 to 2020, we juggled our family, our clinical responsibilities, a real-estate portfolio of 80+ units AND our Semi-Retired MD business.

These days, we have 3 little kids at home. While we no longer practice medicine, we continue to run two businesses—Semi-Retired MD (with 10 full-time employees and counting) and our real estate portfolio, which has grown to 150+ units..

In other words: we know a thing or two about juggling existing responsibilities while taking on something new.

But one of the secrets of our success is that we break each goal down into smaller tasks that can be accomplished in 20-30 minutes. The same goes for the ZTF alumni who’ve built their real estate portfolios after taking the course.

We designed our course using this principle, so that videos and homework assignments can be completed in those pockets of free time everyone has—sitting in the bleachers at swim practice, chowing down on lunch, you name it.

On average, our students spend 2-4 hours a week working on the material.

You’ll have a full week to complete each assignment—but if you fall behind, no stress. You receive lifetime access to the course, including future updates to the course material. Just catch up whenever you have time.

Most of our students have continued to work full-time and build an investment portfolio on the side. As Kenji likes to say, “Your investment portfolio can be as passive as you want it to be!

YES. We highly encourage you to have your spouse or long-term significant other take the course and join the Facebook group with you.

That’s because it’s always great to be on the same page with your spouse when it comes to your financial goals and your real estate investments.

If you have a long-term partner or spouse who wants to take the course and join the Facebook community with you, we absolutely welcome them to do so at no additional charge. 

Just let us know when you join, and we’ll get you all set up.

Absolutely. We’ve had successful students who are single, widowed, or who have partners that aren’t involved in their real estate business.

There are some benefits to doing it yourself (for one, you never have to get buy-in from someone else before you make a big decision!)

And more importantly, with the ZTF community behind you, you’re never alone. Our community will be cheering you on, and chances are you can connect with others in a similar situation within your cohort.

Zero to Freedom teaches you the basics of investing in any type of rental property. We focus on building a team, finding great deals, and the process of financing, negotiating, and closing. ZTF alumni have a ton of variety in their portfolios—some start with short-term rentals, some with long-term rentals, and some even go for commercial properties.

Accelerating Wealth, on the other hand, focuses specifically on short-term rentals. It covers how to navigate local laws on STRs, how to upgrade your property and deliver an unforgettable client experience, and how to keep it profitable (and improve margins) over time.

We strongly recommend you start with Zero to Freedom—it gives you a solid foundation for any type of property you might want. Then if you decide you want to niche down into short-term rentals, Accelerating Wealth will be ready for you.

Because Zero to Freedom is a live course, we only offer it twice a year. Once the doors close, they won’t open again until Summer 2023.

So if you’re confident you’ll be purchasing a rental property in the next 6 months, we recommend signing up for this cohort, so that once you’re ready to make that commitment, you’re already equipped with all the tools you need.

Good news: you don’t have to be! As long as you’re getting ready to dip your toes into the world of cashflowing rentals, you’re welcome inside the Zero to Freedom community.

We’ve had many other high-income professionals join ZTF and benefit—we estimate that about 15% of our students aren’t doctors, and most spouses who participate in the course are not doctors either. If you’re earning a high income and want to shelter your W2 income from taxes plus develop a second income stream, this course is for you.

Of course! We’ve had many students join us after making their first purchase, for a variety of reasons:

  • They feel like things could have gone more smoothly, and they want to brush up on the foundations before expanding their portfolio
  • They’re looking to make their current property more profitable
  • They want access to networking and community as they grow their portfolio
  • They need a better understanding of the tax benefits they’re eligible to receive

After completing the course, they often tell us that their portfolios are now more profitable, and they’re able to expand into new markets thanks to the skills they acquired and the contacts they made through Zero to Freedom.

More Than Just a Course

Let’s sum up everything you’ll receive in Zero to Freedom

The ENTIRE Zero To Freedom curriculum (with lifetime access)


7 weeks of live training and coaching


7 weekly Q&A calls with Leti & Kenji (including recordings)


Open Office Hours with our experienced ZTF coaches


access to vetted investor agents and other financial professionals


A High-Engaging, Members-Only Facebook Group


Weekly Homework Help Sessions


Bonus #1: The “Backstage Pass” to Leti & Kenji’s Real Estate Portfolio


Bonus #2: 60 days of access to our Empire Builders membership


Bonus #3: The "Tax Benefits of Real Estate Investing" module


TOTAL VALUE: $16,000

...all for a single payment of $3999

Accelerating Wealth
Frequently Asked Questions

Accelerating Wealth is hosted on the Kajabi platform. When you enroll, you’ll be sent a login and password to the course. All the modules will be immediately available to you. You can start right away!

There are 5 modules. Each module consists of short, pre-recorded video lessons accompanied by useful downloadable resources like worksheets and interview guides. Because the video lessons are pre-recorded, you can watch them whenever you have time.

You will have lifetime access to the modules, and you’ll get updates as the content is updated.

Each module consists of several bite-sized training videos that add up to roughly 2-3 hours of content a week.

None of it requires a full day of work like you spend in the hospital or day job. Many of our students have continued to work full time as they build their real estate portfolios, too.

And, here’s the good news: because you have lifetime, on-demand access to the course material, you will always have time to take the course! There’s also no such thing as “falling behind” when you can go at your own pace. So if your schedule changes in the middle of taking the course…that’s no problem, because you can come back to it whenever you’re ready. You’ll also have lifetime access to our agents and vendors lists. All of it will be waiting for you, like Adele.

Great to see you here, ZTF alumnus! As you know, ZTF teaches you how to buy cashflowing rental properties of all types (e.g., long-term rentals, office, retail, short-term rentals), the right way. It goes into depth about finding, recognizing, and creating great deals as well as the buying process. 

Accelerating Wealth, on the other hand, covers information specific to STRs and to running a STR business. (See the module descriptions on this page for a greater sense of what’s inside the course.)

Finally, if you’re a current member of Empire Builders in good standing—you get an additional discount on the course! Check your email to find out how you can take advantage of this discount.

YES! You can either take the course with your significant other or by yourself. Many of our students include their partners…but just as many go solo (and achieve great things too).