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Hosted by Letizia Alto, M.D.
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Zero to Freedom is a proven, hands-on, 7-week course that guides you through the entire process from knowing “zero” about real estate investing to successfully identifying and purchasing your first cash flowing rental property. 

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Hi, we’re Letizia Alto, M.D. & Kenji Asakura

Hi, we’re Letizia Alto, M.D. and Kenji Asakura, M.D. We have 30+ years of real estate investing experience and we’ve helped over 3,000 professionals like you achieve their life goals sooner with the power of real estate investing. Between managing more than 160 units ourselves and our careers as doctors, we know what it’s like to be a high-income professional who’s looking for more freedom in life – which is why we made this course. Zero to Freedom combines our knowledge with proven strategies to not only teach you the fundamentals, but also little-known real estate secrets, backed by a supportive community.  It all comes together in a proven system that’s helped thousands like you. So join the no-obligation waitlist and reserve your spot…we’re excited you’re here!

We created our Zero to Freedom course with the busy professional in mind.

You can learn at home or on-the-go—the whole course is mobile-friendly. Plus you’ll have lifetime access to go back and review the material so you can continue expanding your portfolio for years to come. Zero to Freedom isn’t just a class though, every week we also have live coaching, Q&As, expert guest speakers, and a thriving, supportive community of peers and alumni to help you succeed.  

Throughout the 7 weeks, you’ll learn:

  • How to select the right investment market based on your goals
  • How to analyze potential investment properties so that you’re making money as soon as you close the dea
  • How to build your real estate team so that you’re set up for success before any papers are signed
  • How to create a consistent funnel of promising deals to continue growing your portfolio
  • How to leverage the best real estate tools including our proprietary cash-on-cash calculator
  • How to be the first to secure the best investment deals, even before they hit the market 
  • Proven strategies that we’ve used personally to build our cashflowing portfolios and retire early
  • And more!

Plus you’ll also get:

  • Access our investor-friendly network of personally vetted professionals, from property managers to insurance brokers, who have helped tons of our students over the years
  • Weekly discussions with coaches who have successfully used our system to achieve their own financial goals 
  • Bonus sessions with other professionals that will help you succeed, from mortgage and lending experts to life and mindset coaches
  • Regular live Q&A with Leti & Kenji to answer all your burning questions and help you along your journey
  • A helpful community of peers and alumni in our private Facebook groups who are eager to help answer questions, share insights, and support your path to financial freedom
  • And a few more surprises waiting for you when you join! 

Zero to Freedom was created with THREE foundational elements:

  • Content: Our curated content delivers precisely what you need to know, with pre-recorded videos for flexible learning, as well as live Q&A and live coaching sessions.
  • Coaching: Benefit from 30+ years of combined real estate expertise, as well as the combined experience of more than a dozen coaches, all of whom are Zero to Freedom alumni. Our coaches are current investors and have demonstrated success in their respective markets. You’ll have access to open office hours to receive guidance from these experienced course alumni and dedicated mentors for personalized support. 
  • Community: A stand-out benefit from Zero to Freedom is the supportive community of like-minded investors, offering motivation and accountability. This community keeps you motivated and helps you stay on track. It’s a valuable component of the course that we specifically cultivate. 

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